CBBN, CWAC, SCAC all-league girls soccer

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Here are all-league teams for girls soccer. As always, we’ll be running all these in print during the Thanksgiving weekend as part of the 2011 fall sports honor roll.

Co-Players of the Year: Mackenna Morton, Davis, jr., and Caylah Lunning, Moses Lake, so.
Coach of the Year: Ricardo Char, Moses Lake.
Forward: Caylah Lunning, Moses Lake, so.; Lexi Miller, Chiawana, jr.; Kristen Calmus, Richland, jr.; Allison Boyton, Richland, sr. Midfielder: Kelsie Grant, Moses Lake, sr.; Mackenna Morton, Davis, jr.; Jill Cherry, Richland, sr.; Paige Pontarolo, Walla Walla, jr.; Katherine Virden, Richland, so. Defender: Kimberly Bakker, Moses Lake, sr.; Andres Archibald, Richland, so.; Lizzie Blanchard, Eisenhower, sr.; Abigail Stones, Moses Lake, sr. Goalkeeper: Shelby Long, Richland, sr.
Forward: Nicole Dorsey, Wenatchee, sr.; Katherine Jach, Davis, sr.; Alysha Overland, Moses Lake, fr.; Ali Sellsted, Eisenhower, sr.; Bridget Lyons, Walla Walla, sr. Midfielder: Victoria Lopez, Davis, jr.; Erin Jameson, Eisenhower, jr.; Shayla White, Wenatchee, sr.; Maggie Callan, Walla Walla, so.; Cara Nickolaus, Chiawana, sr. Defender: Lexi Ellingsen, Chiawana, so.; Izzy Castro, Davis, sr.; Baylee Fontaine, Wenatchee, fr.; Sheila Silvas, Davis, jr. Goalkeeper: Heidi Palmer, Moses Lake, sr.
Defender: Anissa Araiza, Eisenhower, jr. Goalkeeper: Teresa Salazar, Davis, jr.

CBBN 3A    
Player of the Year: Heather Johnson, Southridge, sr.
Coach of the Year: Greg Sambrano, Southridge.
Forward: Ellie Heiden, Kamiakin, so.; Jaden Gjestrum, West Valley, sr.; Olivia Rogers, Eastmont, sr.; Heather Johnson, Southridge, sr. Midfielder: Cari Exarhos, Hanford, sr.; Kristyn Bohlander, Kamiakin, sr.; Karlee Goehner, Eastmont, jr.; Sandy Hanses, West Valley, jr.; Abby Buckenberger, Pasco, so. Defender: Lindsay Burns, West Valley, jr.; Kendall Riddelle, Hanford, sr.; Macy Brannan, Kamiakin, sr.; Emma Sanders, Southridge, jr. Goalkeeper: Casey King, Eastmont, jr.; Sydnee Grant, Kamiakin, jr.
Forward: Deanna Quadrel, Hanford, jr.; Brooke Benecke, Southridge, sr.; Kennedy Woodrich, Kennewick, jr.; Sydney Virgen, Pasco, so. Midfielder: Courtney Buchanan, West Valley, sr.; Katherine Tsoukalas, Southridge, sr.; Chandra Stevenson, Kamiakin, sr.; Hannah Sanders, Southridge, so.; Angie Crutchfield, Pasco, so. Defender: Bailey Ruby, Hanford, so.; Alison Alderman, West Valley, jr.; Kierra Peoples, Kamiakin, sr.; Whitney Stein, West Valley, sr. Goalkeeper: Liz Escobar, Sunnyside, so.
Forward: Susana Arreola, Sunnyside, fr. Midfielder: Erika Garcia, Sunnyside, jr. Defender: Anna Lugo, Sunnyside, jr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Yasi Mohsenian, East Valley, sr.
Defensive Player of the Year: Tassia Merkle, East Valley, sr.
Coach of the Year: Hillary Coomes, Ephrata.
Sportsmanship: Ellensburg.
Forward: Helen Petersen, Prosser, sr.; Shallise Rodriguez, East Valley, sr.; Lana Sween, Ephrata, jr.; Samantha Herzog, East Valley, jr. Midfielder: Yasi Mohsenian, East Valley, sr.; Ashlee Betancourth, East Valley, sr.; Oryian Matheny, Grandview, jr.; Keilin Farrand, Ellensburg, jr.; Emily Sween, Ephrata, sr. Defender: Tassia Merkle, East Valley, sr.; Karley Crawford, Prosser, sr.; Tracy Martin, East Valley, sr.; Kellie Ross, East Valley, sr. Goalkeeper: Kayla Brissey, Ephrata, jr.
Forward: Kylie Ott, Selah, sr.; Madison Moore, Prosser, sr.; Trew Tucker, Ellensburg, so.; Kim Bullis, Othello, jr. Midfielder: Sarah Bersing, Selah, jr.; Alex Hart, Prosser, jr.; Makensie Forsyth, Prosser, so.; Vanessa McDonald, Othello, sr. Defender: Kala Brindle, Quincy, jr.; Grace Allard, Othello, sr.; Bailey Turner, Selah, sr.; Ashley Wilkey, Selah, jr. Goalkeeper: Jamie White, Prosser, jr.
Forward: Salome Yates, East Valley, so.; Haley Berryman, Ephrata, fr.; Ashley Kuhlmann, Selah, fr. Midfielder: Briana Cordova, Wapato, jr.; Mariah Rojas, East Valley, fr.; Alexis Martinez, Othello, sr.; Ariana Roberson, Selah. sr. Defender: Abby Hall, Ellensburg, sr.; Debra Hulse, Prosser, sr.; Yesenia Garcia, Grandview, sr.; Bridgette Wichterman, Ellensburg, so. Goalkeeper: Allesha Reyes, Othello, jr.

Player of the Year: Delaney Romero, Naches Valley.
Coach of the Year: Ron Gengler, Naches Valley.
McKenzie Andringa, La Salle, sr.; Deanna Avalos, La Salle, so.; Brittany Baumgarten, Naches Valley, sr.; Margaret Busey, La Salle, so.; Andrea Keffeler, Goldendale, sr.; Mykenzie Lilly, Kiona-Benton, jr.; Grace Martin, La Salle, so.; Daisy Metcalf, Kiona-Benton, sr.; Delaney Romero, Naches Valley, jr.; Emma Wilcox, Naches Valley, sr.; Micki Williams, Mabton, so.; Stefhany Guadarrama, Royal, sr.
Jackie Araiza, Connell, jr.; Casidie Euper, Naches Valley, so.; Yessenia Gonzaga, Connell, sr.; Maria Garcia, Royal, sr.; Marcie Hawkins, Connell, jr.; Noelle Huck, Naches Valley, fr.; Tayler Lime, Naches Valley, fr.; Caitlin Long, Highland, jr.; Allie McGree, La Salle, jr.; Reina Perez, Highland, jr.; Cierra Torp, Kiona-Benton, sr.; Regan Gibbs, Naches Valley, fr.
Karina Angel, Highland, sr.; Emma Avalos, La Salle, jr.; Miriam Barajas, Wahluke, sr.; Taylor Brown, Kiona-Benton, sr.; Maricela Chavez, Mabton, so.; Marlen Chavez, Mabton, sr.; Kody Easterday, Connell, jr.; Taylor Haughton, Kiona-Benton, jr.; Patricia Hernandez, Wahluke, sr.; Gladys Meza, Royal, sr.; Stephanie Perez, La Salle, sr.

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2 Responses to “CBBN, CWAC, SCAC all-league girls soccer”
  1. Paul Riel says:

    Again the second place coach in the scac receives coach of the year in girls soccer. In the 9 years LaSalle has been in the scac the team has never lost a game I beleive that record is 92-0. Not once has LaSalle received coach of the year. Makes it even more amazing that their doing this even with out the best coach in the league. Or could it be that this little 2B school (they really are 2B) keeps on beating the bigger 1A schools. Maybe if LaSalle would lose a game or two in league then they would have a shot at coach of the year!?

    • Stephanie says:

      Maybe it has more to do with the amount of “coaching” more than the amount of wins. La Salle has always had above average athletes attending the school. Their soccer team is filled with players from that had played in the local Soccer Club. Same as West Valley-makes it hard to give an award of best coach with a stacked team. Not saying it is a walk in the park, but it really helps.

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