College wrestling: YVCC women dominate

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YAKIMA, Wash. — Led by Sarah Moquin’s pair of falls at 136 pounds, Yakima Valley easily won two dual westling matches Saturday.

Using freestyle scoring, YVCC beat Menlo College of California 23-13, then downed Pacific University 17-6.

Chel-C Bailey and Faith Wasmund also were two-time winners for the Yaks, who lost only one match in the contests.

Yakima Valley’s men, meanwhile fell 28-14 to Menlo and 25-16 to Pacific.

Mikey Ayala (174) won a pair of decisions for YVCC.


Yakima Valley 23, Menlo College 13

Freestyle scoring

101: No match; 109: Richardson (M) won by forfeit; 116: Chel-C Bailey (YV) won 6-0, 3-0 over Resendez; 123: Marso (M) won 1-2, 2-1, 3-0 over Samantha Keesler; 130: Reynosa (M) won by forfeit; 136: Sarah Moquin (YV) won by fall over Naranjo; 143: No match; 155: Monique Dilliner (YV) won by fall over Perez; 170: Faith Wasmund (YV) won by fall over Torres; 190: Anneleise DeAragon (YV) won by fall over Taylor.

Yakima Valley 17, Pacific University 6

101: No match; 112: Lee (P) won by forfeit; 116: Chel-C Bailey (YV) won 6-0, 6-0 over Ramos; 123: No match; 130: Samantha Keesler (YV) won 5-2, 5-4 over Ozaki; 136: Sarah Moquin (YV) won by fall over Johansen; 143: No match; 155: Faith Wasmund (YV) won 3-0, 2-0 over Torrez; 170: No match; 190: No match.


Menlo College 28, Yakima Valley 14

125: Medeiros (M) won by fall over Jesse O’Camb; 133: Garcia (M) won by TF over Timoteo Silvas; 141: Konner Hopkins (YV) d Martinez, 8-5; 149: Travis Addy (YV) d. Nole, 9-8; 157: Veloni (M) d. Kyle Brown, 8-2; 165: Gonzales (M) d. Ben Carter, 11-1; 174: Mikey Ayala (YV) d. Gill, 9-1; 184: Chacon (M) won by fall over Daniel Agao; 197: Chris Burnett (YV) d. Harrison, 12-4; Hvy: Brasil (M) d. Steve Taylor, 16-6.

Pacific University 25, Yakima Valley 16

125: Jesse O’camb (YV) won by fall over Hocket; 133: Timoteo (YV) d. Binkard, 7-5 (OT); 141: Baxter (P) d. Hopkins, 13-4; 149: Silva (P) d. Travis Addy, 9-4; 157: Tyner (P) d. Kyle Brown, 10-5; 165: Ben Carter (YVCC) d. Balcita, 11-0; 174: Ayala (YVCC) d. Harlin, 4-3; 184: Malaychuski (P) won by TF over Daniel Agao; 197: Heredia (P) won by fall over Chris Burnett; Hvy: Bridgewater (P) d. Steve Taylor, 12-4.

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