Rodeo: Pro-West circuit rides into Yakima

September 29, 2011 by  

YAKIMA, Wash. — Team-roping healer Brent Falon of Yakima and his partner, header Shane Erickson of Terrebonne, Ore., will try to hold off brothers Jason and Jake Minor of Ellensburg for the Pro-West Rodeo season championship at the circuit’s finale this weekend at the Central Washington State Fair.

Those are just a few of the Central Washington natives who will be in the running during Pro-West’s two-day championships, beginning at 7 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday at Frank Beard Arena at State Fair Park.

Falon is nearly $1,000 ahead in the healer standings over Idaho roper Cleveland Todd, while Erickson tops the heads by about $2,000 over Jason Minor.

Other Yakima Valley competitors who have positioned nicely for this weekend’s finals include Danny Alires of Moxee, fourth in the saddle bronc standings, well behind leader Jacob Stacy of Soap Lake and two places ahead of Ellensburg’s Buck Sprague; and Toppenish bull rider Cheyne Olney, who’s just $2,000 behind leader Colby Reilly of Ephrata.

The barrel racing will have plenty for local fans to root for, with Ellensburg’s Katy Bremner a distant second to runaway leader Pam Capper of Cheney and Cheyenne Allan of Mabton and Yakima’s Shane Marie Spitzer sitting in fourth and eighth, respectively. Team-roping heeler Taylor White of Toppenish is sixth with partner Kelsey Felton.

Jason Minor has also qualified in tie-down roping, along with fellow Ellensburg ropers Jake Pratt and Kass Kayser. Ellensburg’s contingent of finals qualifiers also includes Bailey Minor in breakaway roping and bareback rider Orlun McGuffin.

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