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Welcome to the CWAC, West Valley ||

To the sports editor — On behalf of Wapato High School and the Wapato community, I welcome West Valley High School to the Central Washington Athletic Conference.

We look forward to renewing our spirited rivalry we shared as members of the former Mid-Valley League.

The inclusion of West Valley to the CWAC will have a positive impact to our league. West Valley offers state of the art facilities, full squads in all programs, a highly competitive spirit, quality coaches and solid administration. Joe Coscarart, West Valley Athletic Director, is as fine as they come. His experience, enthusiasm and passion for high school athletics will be a great addition to our already successful and cooperative league membership.

Again, welcome West Valley to the CWAC!


District Athletic Director

Wapato Public Schools

West Valley should stay 3A || 

To The sports editor — I’m writing to let you know I feel the West Valley Rams have absolutely no business in the CWAC.

These are smaller schools the Rams will be competing against. It’s not fair for some schools. Most people I talk to about this feel the same way.

Keep West Valley where it belongs: 3A.



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