Best friends bowl way to state

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West Valley duo leads local contingent vying for titles near Tacoma ||

YAKIMA, Wash. — Mikki Campbell and Ally Delozier are not just BFFs, they’re also BBFF’s — best bowling friends forever.

And that’s what makes this week’s state high school bowling tournament so special for the West Valley duo, because they’ll be competing together one last time at the prep level.

“Going with my best friend is the best thing,” said Campbell, a senior who was 15th last season and in 2010, along with Delozier, part of the Rams’ fourth-place team. “We’re like sisters. It’s exciting to go together this time.”

“It’s heart-wrenching because it’s our last year together,” said Delozier, a junior who was 13th in 2010. “But we’re getting to go to state together, so we’re treating this as something special. We’re inseparable.”

They aren’t the only local bowlers heading to Narrows Plaza Bowl in University Place.

Eisenhower junior Megan Walls is making her second straight trip in Class 4A, while Selah’s team will take part in the 3A-2A event.

All bowlers, both individuals and those on teams, will vie for individual titles on Friday, bowling six games. Teams then return Saturday for 14 Baker games to decide those state champions.

As for Campbell and Delozier, even though it marks the final chapter in their prep friendship, today couldn’t come quick enough.

“I can’t wait,” said Delozier, who said the bond between her and Campbell have really help each other continue to improve. “We can tell when the other is screwing up. I believe we’ll be better (at state) because we have each other.”

“Her support means a lot to me. We bowl off each other — I help her, she helps me,” said Campbell, adding that their teamwork extends beyond the physical part of the sport. “Bowling takes a lot of patience and you have to have a positive attitude. It does not help to be angry and we calm each other down.”

That connection, combined with strong bowling skills, has both expecting to turn in strong showings.

“They challenge each other,” Rams coach Brad Cramer said. “They’ve gotten stronger and stronger as the year’s gone on.”

Particularly last week when Delozier rolled games of 201, 186 and 188 to win the district title, with Campbell fourth with games of 211, 148 and 168.

Now, they’re going to rely on that friendship one final time.

“We’re stoked and excited,” Campbell said. “With our experience, we should be able to excel.”

Another individual vying for a title today is Ike’s Walls.

The junior enters state on a roll, having won the district title last week, and both Campbell and Delozier, who have worked with Walls this season, believe she can improve on last season’s 41st-place state finish.

“She has improved dramatically this season,” Campbell said.

Also seeking to improve on last year’s state showing are the Selah girls, who return three bowlers off a team that placed seventh. The Vikings enter state confident, having won the district title by nearly 100 pins after dominating the Baker games, a pivotal part of the state tournament.

Leading the team are seniors Ashley Baughman and Taylor Jones, and junior Emily Imbery, who were on last year’s team. The others are Kaiti Dell and Ceci Estela.

“I know they can do something great if they have enough desire,” coach William Foster said.

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