3/15/12 Local bowling honor roll

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Weekly High Series

Gabe Rodriguez, Minda 739

Donny Cawthron, Minda 713

Randy Raney, Minda 711

Eric Gillespie, Nob Hill 698

Anthoney Aranda, Valley 694

Kelvin Gant, Minda 691

Curt Mauch, Nob Hill 691

Sam Vigil, Minda 683

Tanner Schannerman, Minda 678

Dan Gilcher, Nob Hill 678

Weekly High Game

Gene Weiderspoon, Valley 299

Donny Cawthron, Minda 290

Tanner Schaneman, Nob Hill 280

Chuck Curtiss, Valley 269

Kelvin Gant, Minda 268

Chris Kinney, Valley 268

Gabe Rodriguez, Minda 267

Jody Bouchey, Minda 267

Elray Compo, Minda 265

Dan Gilcher, Nob Hill 265


Weekly High Series

Lisa Pietkewskis, Nob Hill 588

Stacee Isaac, Valley 584

Linda Rex, Valley 577

Ellen Curtiss, Valley 573

Lisa Ryals, Nob Hill 568

Lisa Johns, Nob Hill 560

Vicky Charvet, Valley 560

Kathy Vetsch, Nob Hill 552

Maria Goedhart, Valley 549

Gloria Fernandes, Nob Hill 546

Weekly High Game

Steph Luke, Valley 244

Stacee Isaac, Valley 236

Lisa Pietkewskis, Nob Hill 225

Karri Cox, Valley 215

Kathy Vetsch, Nob Hill 214

Marlene Riggen, Minda 213

Lisa Johns, Nob Hill 212

Cheryl Sentel, Nob Hill 210

Christie Cromwell, Valley 210

Lisa Ryals, Nob Hill 209

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