3/22/12 Local bowling honor roll

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Weekly High Series

Gabe Rodriguez, Minda 748

Tanner Schannerman, Minda 716

Dan Gilcher, Nob Hill 706

Nick Gyles, Nob Hill 700

David Hammond, Minda 696

Austin Carl, Valley 695

James Pitt, Minda 681

Andrew Poplacki, Nob Hill 680

John Gilmore, Minda 678

Anthoney Aranda, Valley 677

Weekly High Game

John Gilmore, Minda 288

Larry Rathjen, Nob Hill 287

Gabe Rodriguez, Minda 280

Danilo Hernandez, Valley 279

Tanner Schannerman, Minda 277

Austin Carl, Valley 275

Dan Gilcher, Nob Hill 272

Jody Bouchey, Minda 269

Anthoney Aranda, Valley 269

Tony Alvarez, Valley 269


Weekly High Series

Coryn Hartsfield, Nob Hill 675

Janice Chouinard, Nob Hill 644

Lisa Johns, Nob Hill 616

Kathy Vetsch, Nob Hill 615

Judy Brulotte, Valley 588

Sandy Parker, Nob Hill 576

Ellen Curtiss, Valley 573

Debbie Shaffer, Nob Hill 572

Vicky Charvet, Valley 571

Ally Delozier, Minda 567

Weekly High Game

Coryn Hartsfield, Nob Hill 255

Janice Chouinard, Nob Hill 248

Kathy Vetsch, Nob Hill 245

Judy Brulotte, Valley 243

Melissa Kessinger, Nob Hill 234

Debbie Shaffer, Nob Hill 226

Lisa Johns, Nob Hill 226

Ellen Curtiss, Valley 226

Glenyce Hopper, Valley 216

Shantana Schneider, Valley 216

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