3/29/12 Bowling honor roll

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Weekly High Series

Rob Rice, Valley 708

Doug Evans, Nob Hill 703

John West, Nob Hill 692

Ben McInroy, Nob Hill 675

Anthony Aranda, Valley 671

Ken Stevens, Nob Hill 670

Richard Carl, Nob Hill 669

Ken Trepanier, Nob Hill 667

Mack Gunter, Nob Hill 665

Curt Mauch, Nob Hill 663

Dave Huth, Valley 663

Weekly High Game

Mack Gunter, Nob Hill 300

Randy Abhold, Nob Hill 278

Derek Colley, Valley 269

Ken Stevens, Nob Hill 268

Richard Carl, Nob Hill 267

Dave Huth, Valley 267

Darren Balam, Nob Hill 266

Doug Evans, Nob Hill 258

Anthony Aranda, Valley 258

Virgil Lallashute Jr., Valley 258


Weekly High Series

Juanita Schlieve, Valley 636

Coryn Hartsfield, Nob Hill 624

Janice Chouinard, Nob Hill 611

Steph Luke, Valley 606

Linda Rex, Valley 599

Ellen Curtiss, Valley 578

Karri Cox, Valley 577

Judy Brulotte, Valley 576

Lisa Ryals, Nob Hill 567

Jerry Hill, Nob Hill 566

Weekly High Game

Juanita Schlieve, Valley 246

Linda Rex, Valley 244

Karri Cox, Valley 237

Diane Dodgson, Valley 234

Steph Luke, Valley 232

Coryn Hartsfield, Nob Hill 229

Stacee Isaac, Valley 227

Janice Chouinard, Nob Hill 225

Christie Cromwell, Valley 224

Donna Lallashute, Valley 219

Judy Brulotte, Valley 219

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