Fastpitch: Yakima Valley knocks off Skagit

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YAKIMA, Wash. — Kiley Dunn was 3 for 3 with six runs batted in and Tori Slobig pitched a complete-game victory in her first Yakima Valley start Friday as the Yaks beat Skagit Valley 12-4 on Sophomore Day at Dunbar Field.

Dunn had a two-run single in a three-run first inning, an RBI single in a two-run third and a three-run double in a four-run fourth.

Slobig, a sophomore from Selah, was 1 for 3 with a walk and a run scored. On the mound, she scattered 11 hits and walked only one.

YVCC will be the host team for the NWAACC Crossover Tournament today and Sunday at Kiwanis Park. The Yaks meet Olympic at 11 a.m. on Field 2, then face Centralia at 5 p.m. on Field 2.

Sunday, Yakima Valley faces Edmonds at 10 a.m. on Field 4 and Clark at 2 p.m. on Field 2.

Skagit Valley 000 04 — 4 11 0
Yakima Valley 302 43 — 12 12 0

Falcone, Martinez (4), Falcone (4) and Gladsjo; Slobig and Reeves.

YVCC highlights: Arlene Futch 1-4, run; Ashley Reeves 1-4, run; Courtney Cable 3-3, 4 runs, BB, 2b; Tori Slobig 1-3, run, BB; Krysta Beach 2-2, 4 runs, 2b, 2 RBI, 2 BB; Jessie Ihly 1-1, run, 2b, 2 RBI, 2 BB, HBP; Kiley Dunn 3-3, 6 RBI.


At Kiwanis Park

TODAY, 9 a.m.: Big Bend vs. Lower Columbia (Field 1); Mt. Hood vs. Douglas (Field 2); Treasure Valley vs. Grays Harbor (Field 3); Clark vs. Skagit Valley (Field 4).

11 a.m.: Big Bend vs. Clark (Field 1); Yakima Valley vs. Olympic (Field 2); Edmonds vs. Pierce (Field 3); Walla Walla vs. Everett (Field 4).

1 p.m.: Olympic vs. Grays Harbor (Field 1); Bellevue vs. Mt. Hood (Field 2); Douglas vs. Lower Columbia (Field 3); Chemeketa vs. Columbia Basin (Field 4); Treasure Valley vs. Skagit Valley (Field 5).

3 p.m.: Edmonds vs. Spokane (Field 1); Southwestern Oregon vs. Centralia (Field 2); Pierce vs. Clackamas (Field 3); Everett vs. Chemeketa (Field 4).

5 p.m.: Bellevue vs. Spokane (Field 1); Centralia vs. Yakima Valley (Field 2); Clackamas vs. Columbia Basin (Field 3); Southwestern Oregon vs. Walla Walla (Field 4).

7 p.m.: Bellevue vs. Clackamas (Field 1).

SUNDAY, 8 a.m.: Grays Harbor vs. Chemeketa (Field 1); Mt. Hood vs. Treasure Valley (Field 2); Southwestern Oregon vs. Douglas (Field 3).

10 a.m.: Clackamas vs. Walla Walla (Field 1; Mt. Hood vs. Pierce (Field 2); Southwestern Oregon vs. Spokane (Field 3); Yakima Valley vs. Edmonds (Field 4); Chemeketa vs. Treasure Valley (Field 5).

Noon: Douglas vs. Big Bend (Field 1); Pierce vs. Clark (Field 2); Bellevue vs. Grays Harbor (Field 3); Lower Columbia vs. Olympic (Field 4); Columbia Basin vs. Skagit Valley (Field 5).

2 p.m.: Big Bend vs. Skagit Valley (Field 1); Yakima Valley vs. Clark (Field 2); Spokane vs. Everett (Field 3); Olympic vs. Centralia (Field 4); Walla Walla vs. Edmonds (Field 5).

4 p.m.: Everett vs. Centralia (Field 3); Lower Columbia vs. Columbia Basin (Field 4).

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