CWU unveils new logo

June 17, 2012 by  

ELLENSBURG, Wash. — Central Washington has redesigned its Wildcat logo.

The new cat’s head, red and outlined in black, is more streamlined than its predecessor, which had adorned CWU athletic material since at least 2000 and perhaps longer.

It will also be available to the rest of the school, according to a staff member.

The logo will be featured on the basketball court in Nicholson Pavilion next season since the floor will be resurfaced this summer.

Football coach Blaine Bennett, meanwhile, said he liked the change and CWU’s more aggressive marketing.

“I’m excited about the new logo, I’m excited about the branding being done by the university and the signage in front of the buildings,” he said. “We’re putting money and attention into some of that stuff, whether it’s banners, logos or branding. Anytime you improve the media network, it’s a good thing.”

Central, which began as Washington State Normal School in 1891, began using Wildcats as a nickname in 1926.

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